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Kate and Bobby came from the same litter in 2006. With the onset of severe renal failure, Kate was put to sleep on April 24th, 2020, and Bobby followed her on March 24th, 2021.
The extraordinary bond that these two little cats had for each other which lasted all their 15 years was even more remarkable in that they also bonded intimately with us, their humans. In all their time on earth they never scratched anyone, nor bit; they never missed a chance for a cuddle or a game. They caused considerable anguish by their propensity to go on wild adventures which was propelled by their love of heavy machinery, men, and fun.
When Katie died last year, Bobby was bereft. She visited the last spot she had seen her beloved twin twice a day, and welcomed the chance to go looking for her in the car. It was Bobby's turn to unleash our tears on Wednesday, and although heartfelt and ravaging, the tears are also relief. She needed to be with her sister. They were a team, a twinset and pearl, salt and pepper. They did nothing without the other.
RIP you magnificent creatures. I count myself blessed that once in my life I was granted such sublime companions. I hope we did the right thing by you.